Specialty coffee is an experience. 

The Caffeinated Coalition brings to you 

 the story behind that experience.


choose us?
we are?


We at 'The Caffeinated Coalition' are thriving to facilitate the upliftment of under developed coffee farmers in different parts of the world by creating awareness about the story behind every cup of coffee.


By providing transparency in the coffee supply, we intend to elevate the value of the specialty coffee industry and eventually develop a culturally strong coffee community.





We strive to connect our customers more closely with the coffees we source by maintaining direct relationships with our producing partners. Our goal is to serve you a delicious and socially responsible cup of coffee that highlights the nuances of inherent cultures.


We meticulously collect data, insights, and best practices from all of our growing partners and share them with the consumers. We also tie adherence to sustainable farming and environmental practices with our commitment to paying above Fair Trade prices for truly outstanding coffee. Hence, we’re able to provide you with exclusive, remarkable coffee you won’t find anywhere else.


we provide?



Our experience is molded in the form of a coffee kit that caters to your personal taste and choices and is delivered to your doorsteps at a time of your convenience!


Our coffee varieties are sourced from sustainable farms and we guarantee the best quality beans.  Consumers can curate their own coffee kit depending on their taste and preferences.


Grow a Coffee Plant



Support and encourage farmers from around the world to grow coffee instead of other cash plants, which will inturn help improve their livelihood and economy. Coffee plants consume less water as compared to drug plants and has way more health benefits.



Click on a grey coffee plant


Fill in your



Select the

number of

plants you want to grow


Make Payment


Recieve a Social Impact

Certificate by mail.



You can help improve the lives of underserved coffee farmers across the world with a small act of kindness!

Grow a coffee Plant!

Restoring hope for

Coffee Farmers...

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